Symposium and research articles will be given priority. The articles should be prepared in Turkish or English. Articles submitted to the congress and accepted as poster paper by the Scientific Committee (after evaluating at least by two referees) should be prepared according to the following writing rules. The articles must be sent to the congress symposium secretariat by electronic mail until July 15, 2017 in order to formed the symposium programme. The articles will be printed as a book or delivered as a CD to the participants.

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1. Articles submitted to the Congress to be published should be printed in A4 size paper, 18x25 cm, top and left 3 cm from the bottom and right side of the paper in Caliber font, 1.15 lines on one side of the page and 11 pt (without title) in  6.0 or later Cm space. The articles should not exceed 10 pages including abstracts and references.

2. "1st International Organic Agriculture And Biodiversity Symposium 27-29 September 2017 Bayburt" should be written in italics with 10 points in the upper left corner of the first page.

3. Text: The text of the article should generally include "Introduction, Material and Methods, Findings, Discussion and References". Findings and Discussion sections can be given together. You can also add "Results and Suggestions" and "Thanks" sections if necessary. In the main text of the article, the first letters of the words should be capitalized, the others should be written in small and bold, and the subheadings should be written in capital letters.

4.The first letter of the title of the article should be capitalized with 14 pts bond size and bold style.

5.Author names and addresses: Author (s) in name (s) must be written without title under heading, author title and address should be written 9 pt as bottom note on first page. Footnotes should be indicated by "*".

6.Abstract: Summary of the purpose, material-method, findings and results should be summarized in Turkish and English not exceeding 200 words. If the article is in Turkish, the title of the abstract should be written in English and also key words should be added at the bottom of each abstracts. It does not exceed 5 words.

7.Tables and Figures: Figures, graphics, photographs and pictures should all be given as "Figure" and tables should be given as "Schedule", and "Figure" and "Charts" should be numbered in sequence according to the order of transition in the text. The photos should be black and white and at least 300 dpi in quality.

8. Units and Abbreviations: International standard units (SI) should be used in the units of measurement in the text, and other abbreviations should be based on national and / or international abbreviations. The names of species should be written in italics.

9. Citations: Source declarations in the text should be made according to the "Lastname-date" system. The example says "White (1990) ..." or "The plants showed in the photoperiod. (Weaver, 1983; Kaya, 1991; Anderson et al., 1993). In more than one writing works, two authors are "White and Anderson (1991)" and three or more authors are "Anderson et al. (1984) "and" et al. "Should be used instead of" and "and" vd "in the articles prepared in English. Sources with the same author name and date must also be separated by letters. (E.g., Brown, 1996a, 1996b; Smith et al., 1997b).

10. Bibliography: The sources used should be given in alphabetical order by surname-date at the end of the article in accordance with the following examples. The abbreviated form of the article suggested by the magazine should be used when writing the short names of the periodicals. It should be abbreviated as "University" in Turkish sources, Faculty of Agriculture "Faculty of Agriculture", Journal "Derg", Congress "Kong", Symposium "Semp".

The source article is:

Aksoy, A., 1973. Factors affecting egg shell quality. Atatürk Univ. Faculty of Agriculture Derg., 4: 129-141.

The reference book is:

Ertuğrul, H., Apan, M., 1979. Project of Irrigation Systems. Atatürk Univ. Publications No: 562, Erzurum, 180 p.

If the source is a partition:

Harris, W. 1990. Pasture as an Ecosystem. In: Langer, R. M. (ed.) Pastures, Their Ecology and Management, p: 75-31 Oxford Univ. Press.

If the source is a publication of an organization:

AOAC, 1980. Official method of analysis. 13th ed. Association of Official Analytical Chemists. Washington, DC.

If the source is a software:

Bustamente, P. I., Hull, R., 1998. Plant virus gene expression strategies, Electronic J. Biotech (Online)

11. The posters will be hanged in the departments separated by the previously mentioned sequence number. Color prints may be preferred in poster presentation.

12. All responsibilities of published articles belong to the author / authors.